Lombardy votes

Two milion euro have been voted by Lombardy regional government and chambers of commerce to help start-up businesses and self-employed workers and to combat unemployment for the under-35s, in a plan called Start 2013.
Youngsters with a plan for a start-up enterprise are invited to attend one of the public presentations scheduled in main cities of the region over the coming weeks, starting on 4 April and continuing until 7 May.  They will have a chance to hear how the fund is going to be administered, and then to present their ideas in a private talk with the experts, to fine-tune their plan.
For those selected to have their business plan supported by the fund, there will be 40-hour training courses and workshops, teaching business skills relative to their plan.  Precedence will be given to applicants who had previously attended one of the public presentations.
Successful applicants will enjoy a guarantee of up to 80 per cent of bank loans, for a maximum of €40,000, to get their start-up off the ground and up and running.
Another part of the funding will be dedicated to helping the unemployed, concentrating on the textile, green economy and IT sectors.
Full details of how to attend a presentation and how to present a plan for support by the fund are available on the dedicated Start 2013 website.

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