Metro tickets to be stamped on exit

Metro tickets and season-tickets need to be fed into the turnstiles on exiting as well as entering the underground system from Monday 4 February.

Following the success of the experiment started last June, the anti-joyrider measure has been steadily expanded across the system. It is already in force in most stations from 09.30 to 16.30 Mondays to Saturdays, leaving the morning and evening rush hours free for faster pedestrian traffic. But from Monday, the rule will also apply from 20.00 to the end of service, and all day long on Sundays and holidays.

Passengers without a ticket, or with a ticket not fully valid for the journey they have just made or which has overrun its time limit, will have to pay the missing fare at automatic machines on the platform side of the exit to be able to leave the station. Some 70 staff of the city's transport agency ATM wearing blue uniform waistcoats will be on hand to help passengers with problems.

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