Milan among Europe’s best cities for recycling

Lombardy leads in push for waste recycling.

Milan province has raised its level of 57 per cent of waste being recycled, up on 52.4 percent in 2017, says a report by Legambiente, Italy’s national environmental league.

Overall, the whole region of Lombardy can be proud of its results, states the report: the top recycling comuni have this year increased from 258 to 299 – those which manage to top 65 per cent of waste recycled and reduce the unrecyclable solid waste left over to below 75 kg per inhabitant – winning Legambiente’s title of Comuni Ricicloni.

The mean level across the region lies at almost 70 per cent, but there are variations among this result. The most “virtuous” Lombardy province is that of Mantova, where 59 out of its 68 comuni have succeeded in recycling an astonishing 87 per cent of all household waste. Brescia, Bergamo, Cremona and Milan provinces follow, in that order.