Milan among top 10 world cities for reputation

Milan jumps from 21st to 9th position.

Milan can now boast a place in the world’s top ten cities across the world for reputation, based on over 23,000 interviews in the EU ranking the world's 55 most reputable cities based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect.

Respondents praised Milan’s social, economic and environmental policies, as well as the city’s “attractive experiences”, said the 2017 City RepTrak report. This brought Milan up from 21st place to a ranking of ninth.

Within Italy, Rome has this year dropped from 8th to 13th place and Venice from 12th to 18th.

Sydney in Australia holds on to the top rank for the third successive year, now followed in order by Copenhagen, Vienna, Stockholm, Vancouver, London, Melbourne, Barcelona and Milan.

“Cities that successfully manage their reputation and improve their scores are gaining strong support across their stakeholders. These are important issues for local policymakers concerned about tourism, relocation and investment, as there is a direct link between a city’s reputation and people’s willingness to visit, work and live there,” the report explained.

The annual classification is produced by Boston-based business consultancy Reputation Institute, serving clients in more than 400 of the top global 1,000 companies since 1997.  Their RepTrak database examines 15 stakeholders in more than 25 industries and more than 40 countries for more than 7,000 companies.