Milan announces 15 themed weeks in 2018

City boosts image in Italy and abroad.

Milan’s Fashion Weeks may be the best known, but the city has plenty more to offer – and has chosen the format of dedicated “weeks” to attract international attention and tourism.

Most of these are already familiar to milanesi, but city hall has now pulled out all the stops to project Milan’s image in art, music, food and more to visitors.

Under the headline “YesMilano” here are some of the attractions. Museums (2-4 March) art (9-15 April), food (7-13 May), photos (4-10 June), movies (17-23 Sept), books (8-11 Nov), music (12-18 Nov).

To ensure the message is heard in Italy and abroad, the logo will appear in stations and airports around the country.  And a 2 minute 16 second advertising spot will be broadcast later this month on screens at London’s Heathrow Airport.

On the city website you can read and download a 21-page brochure with information about the events.