Milan announces rubbish tax due

First instalment in September

Milan’s city hall has announced that the first instalment of the new tax on waste disposal, TARI, will be collected in September.

The administration plans to send a letter to all households by mid-August with the details, together with a filled-in F24 form for making the down payment at any bank or post office by the 16 September deadline.

The balance must be paid by 30 November. For this payment, too, the city tax office will send details and another pre-prepared F24 form. The commune advises residents not to jump the gun and make spontaneous calculations and payments, but to wait for the letters explaining how the tax has been calculated.

For private households, the tax will normally be calculated on the basis of the floor area and the number of persons living in the apartment or home. But in households where the floor area or number of residents has recently changed, the commune will work out the new rates and send a letter “before the end of summer” detailing the balance due on last year’s TARES tax, to be paid by 16 October; the deadline for paying this year’s TARI tax by these families will be announced in the near future.

The city administration has voted several discounts and detractions for TARI taxpayers. The most important ones include: 

a reduction of 25 per cent for families of 4 or more living in a home of up to 120 sqm

a reduction of 10 per cent for two-person families with either or both aged over 75

a reduction of 10 per cent, up to a maximum of €15, for families made up of one adult and one or two minors living in a home of up to 80 sqm.

More details will be made available on the city administration website.