Milan axes rubbish tax – just a little

City hall approves lower rate.

Milan municipality this week approved the 2016 rates for TARI tax on waste removal. But residents hoping for a big saving may be a little disappointed: this year’s cut will amount to only 2 per cent.

Still, a tax cut is always welcome, however small, especially when the move is accompanied by the confirmation of last year’s experimental discounts of 25 per cent for families with at least four members living in a home measuring less than 120 sqm, of 10 per cent for families with at least one member aged over 75, and of 10 per cent for a single parent and child in a home of less than 80 sqm.

These last two discounts can reach a maximum value of €15.

A city hall statement said the cut and discounts were made possible by a saving of €5.6m made last year on better waste disposal and recycling management, and by an increased income of some €3m from measures to combat tax evasion.

Shops suffering from nearby road-works will enjoy a discount of 25 per cent, and start-ups one of 50 per cent, while non-profit associations will see a discount of 25 per cent. There will also be cuts for schools of all levels, hotels and certain categories of shops and restaurants.