Milan becomes Bike City for two weeks

Over 200 events for two wheels in two weeks.

From 15 to 30 September, Milan will be dedicated to sustainable transport as the city becomes Bike City, the second edition of a festival which last year attracted thousands of participants.

Aiming to make Milan Europe’s bike capital, the festival will include movies, races, sprints, exhibitions, workshops and kids’ events spread over the city.

The inauguration will take place on Saturday 15 September at 16.00 at the cultural centre La Stecca 3.0 in Via G. De Castillia 26, chosen – say the organisers – because it is “a piece of old Milan in the centre of new Milan”, just across from a brand-new park and a long pedestrian area, easily reachable by bike paths and containing a historical bicycle workshop.

The inauguration party will include kids’ workshops and an exhibition on Alfonsina Strada, the only woman to have ridden in the Giro d'Italia when the organisers mistook her for a man in 1924; newspapers dubbed her “The Devil in a dress”.

The festival programme – full details on the Bike City website – will include the Bike to Work Challenge, a visit to the bicycle museum Ghisallo, a course of ashtanga yoga, group rides to Abbiategrasso, Pavia and Binasco, info on riding to school, workshops on choosing, repairing and maintaining a bike, a makeup and hair-styling workshop to match your look to your bike, the e-bike revolution and much, much more.

Photo: Urcalagiovanna