Milan: best quality of life in Italy

Deutsche Bank report puts Milan top.

The annual statistical report on quality of life in major centres around the world by prestigious Deutsche Bank has ranked Milan as the top city in Italy – and the only Italian town mentioned at all in the first 47 places.

While Milan ranks overall 29th worldwide and 14th in Europe, many of the factors examined to calculate the score show the city of the Madonnina still well ahead of many rivals.

In health care, Milan comes in at 16th place, outstripping major centres like Lisbon (29), Dublin (45), New York (36) or Stockholm (30). First in that category is Vienna, while Rio de Janeiro comes in last.

And Milanese commuters might be always ready to complain about the time they spend getting to work, but at 15th place they can count themselves luckier than workers in Boston (36), Chicago (31), Tokyo (29) or even Toronto (27). Edinburgh residents seem to have the easiest commute, while those in Mumbai probably need to be up well before the dawn.

Even the climate ranking will surprise those who claim that Milan is unbearable in summer and uninhabitable in winter: at 18th place the city seems a climate paradise compared with workplaces like Ottawa (39), Berlin (28), Warsaw (27) or New Delhi (42). At the end of this table lies Kuala Lumpur, whose workers would probably prefer to move to leading candidate San Francisco.

All is not gold, however. Milan scores poorly on purchasing power (33) and property price to income ratio (37).

Still, Milan remains the top earning city in Italy, even though monthly salaries (net of tax) have slipped by six percent over the past year, and are a round 40 per cent lower than in New York.