Milan bookshop ranks in top BBC list

A Milan bookshop ranks ninth among 10 of the world’s most beautiful bookshops, according to the BBC’s Fiona Macdonald.

Praising the shop at (and called) 10 Corso Como, she writes: “Hidden behind an unassuming facade, Corso Como was founded in 1991 by former editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue Carla Sozzani. She brought her fashion nous to the complex that combines book and design stores with a cafe, hotel and roof garden. The bookstore mixes art, architecture and fashion titles with designer furniture to create a flea market with its own high-end Milanese twist.“

Her review is illustrated by a photo which brings out all the style and bright, colourful chic of the store, and amply makes up for her small gaffe in forgetting the number in the popular bookshop’s name.

And Italy features twice in her world-wide scorecard: in third place out of 10, Macdonald praises Venice’s Libreria Acqua Alta.

Photo: PR

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