Milan boosts bid for post-Brexit relocation

The Italian government, the Lombardy regional council and Milan city hall have launched a bold new website called to back up their bid to attract the European Medicines Agency – currently based in London – to Milan after Britain exits from the EU.

The city’s hopes of attracting substantial “booty” as financial operators and EU organisations flee the UK are nothing new. But this detailed, seductive website marks a high point in the campaign to beat off competition from other continental cities such as Frankfurt-am-Main or Rotterdam in the race to win in the relocation stakes.

A trump card in Milan’s bid is the offer of the “Pirellone”, the 127 m skyscraper near the central railway station currently housing the Lombardy regional administration. 

Other aspects the government hopes will swing the relocation decision include Milan as a unique breeding ground for science and innovation, the quality of life in the city, and a helpdesk already open at the Italian embassy in London.  Once a decision is reached to relocate to Milan, the website promises a wide range of help for EMA staff and their families.