Milan boosts CCTV security network

Another 450 cameras to be installed.

The network of closed-circuit, high-definition TV cameras keeping a 24-hour watch on Milan’s streets is planned to reach 4,143 by early 2019.

The city has approved a budget of just under €3 million for installing cameras in 127 new locations to add to the inter-forces network, which – together with the separate one operated by transport authority ATM – will cross the four-thousand mark.  This figure does not include the private surveillance operated by banks and other commercial entities.

The inter-forces net, covering 85 areas across the city, is shared by the Polizia (state police), Carabinieri, finance guard, state forestry corps and fire brigades responsible for security in the city, while those operated by ATM cover metro stations and urban transport nodes.

“The position of the CCTV cameras, including those already operative,  has been reviewed to take into account requests by the borough administrations (municipi), citizens’ committees, trade associations, and of course the security forces,” deputy mayor Anna Scavuzzo told media. An average of 10 new cameras will be installed in each of the city’s nine boroughs, she added.

The city centre, already thoroughly wired for video-surveillance and patrolled by personnel on the streets, will not qualify for a large number of additional cameras. The major boost to the coverage will be in the outer suburbs as well as the night-life areas, the Meazza football grounds, well-known zones frequented by criminals, or even areas suffering from fly-tipping.

While a recent article in leading daily Corriere della Sera estimated that there is one camera for every 333 inhabitants, Milan is still considerably less surveilled than, for example, London, where there is calculated to be one CCTV camera for every 11 residents.  A 2009 statistic stated that CCTV evidence is presented in 95 per cent of murder cases investigated by Scotland Yard; no similar statistic is available for Milan.


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