Milan boosts security on urban transport

City police and ATM sign contract for security.

Milan urban transport authority ATM has signed an agreement with the city’s municipal police force for cooperation and cross-training in security on board Milan’s metro, buses and trams, in stations and at bus stops.

The problem of security for passengers and crews was raised in a top-level meeting with interior minister Matteo Salvini in October, and a list of priority routes and stations was drawn up.

Now the action plan is being put into effect, involving police and ATM in-house security in reciprocal cross-training.  While the ATM staff will help municipal ghisa to understand the working of the city transport network, the vigili will train the civilians in intervention techniques.

This cooperation was already starting to bring results during experimental operations last year; now the trials have proved successful and the full system is being rolled out across the city.

The agreement provides for monthly meetings to review progress and program shifts for the coming four weeks.  The plan aims to make police intervention faster in critical situations, helped by new hotline communications and access to ATM’s closed-circuit video-surveillance of stations by the municipal police.

Taking a wider view, the security staff will also cover the 17 car parks attached to metro stations and bus-line hubs, and will keep an eye on fare-dodgers and illicit street trading in and near the transport network. Particular attention will be paid to the night buses, often the scene of vandalism and violence.