Milan boroughs organise evening “baby parking”

Milan helps parents who want an evening out.

Some local municipi in Milan are starting to organise free group baby-sitting evenings so that parents can enjoy a romantic dinner or a trip to the cinema.

The idea was launched in the San Siro area last May, where the borough administration took on a group of volunteers to set up free “baby parking” evenings for three to 14 year-olds.  The idea proved so popular that other municipi are now planning to follow suit.

Municipio 3 will now offer an “Operation Peter Pan” on Saturday nights from 4 November until the end of the year, when the success of the proposal will be reviewed to decide whether to continue in 2018.

The Ireos social cooperative will keep three to 10-year-olds busy from 20.00 to 22.30, first with a cartoon film and then with a workshop to build on the theme of the cartoon with recycled and ecologically selected materials.

And the original initiative in Municipo 8 will be doubled next year, when a second centre will be opened.

Among other municipi studying the idea are 1, 6, 9 and 7, where a variant will be opening the day centre for disabled youngsters on some evenings up to 21.30.  “The concept is the same,” said local councillor Antonio Salinari, “to give the families some breathing space.”