Milan calls for more street security

Condacons concerns on rape risk

Consumer rights association Codacons has called for Milan city hall to publish a map of the areas most at risk of sexual assault, and to install more security cameras and increase the number of police on the streets.

The health and security of residents, says Codacons, should be of prime importance to the city authorities, and citizens should always feel they are protected by city authorities.

Residents are often obliged to walk along poorly lit streets, exposed to risk of attack, mugging, and in some cases even of rape, says their statement.

Taking their cue from several recent cases of aggression, the association says the map of risk areas should be the first step. “After having done that,” they continue, “[the comune] should take the steps necessary to cope with the situation, first of all by installing more security cameras to give residents a stronger sensation of being in control, and then by increasing the police presence, above all at night and in the darker areas of the city.”

Codacons denounced the number of Milan’s dark streets, some of them even totally unlit, which favour the commission of crimes.

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