Milan “capital of Italy for morals”

Anti-corruption chief honoured for Expo work.

Head of the national anti-corruption authority Raffaello Cantone, whose squad was responsible for keeping organised crime out of Expo Milan 2015, stated today that “Milan has regained its role as moral capital of the country.”

Cantone made his remarks during a ceremony in which mayor Giuliano Pisapia, along with prefect Francesco Paolo Tronca and chief prosecutor Edmondo Bruti Liberati, rewarded him with the Seal of the City.

Promising to now apply his system, developed to protect Expo from the underworld, to the upcoming Jubilee celebrations in Rome, Cantone said that Rome “doesn’t have the antibodies it needs. We are doing all we can,” he continued, “but that’s what’s missing – we’re running into more obstacles, because the beauty of the Milan model is its synergy, everybody keeping to their own track but looking for a common objective.

“On Expo we worked very well,” said Cantone. “There were moments of tension, even hard conflict, but we all had the objective in view – that’s not easy to find.”

Mayor Pisapia told Cantone that the award was recognition by the whole city and all milanesi, because "if the city is today the centre of attention in the world, and seen by national and international organisations as a point of reference for the fight against corruption, that’s also due to Cantone.”

Italy’s anti-corruption authority recently held a top-level meeting with OCSE and Expo Milan 2015 officials to sign a memorandum of understanding on the organisation of future major events, based on the lessons learned in Milan.