Milan celebrates human rights

20-24 Mar. The third edition of Milan’s Festival of Human Rights.

Milan’s Festival of Human Rights will offer a programme of  films, documentaries, debates, expert testimonies, music and graphics designed to reach out to different audiences.

The five days of events have been chosen to appeal to students from middle schools, high schools and universities. Documentaries and films have been selected to interest the widest possible audiences and there will be no lack of debates with experts and academics. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) will demonstrate their own direct experience.

Human rights are needed, say the organisers, every time a boat takes to the sea with its cargo of slaves, when terrified parents try to pass their child under the razor-wire to guarantee him or her a future, whenever a woman rebels against tyranny in the name of religion, of habits or of interests.

A programme of all the events at the festival is on the dedicated website.  It takes place in the Triennale di Milano in Via Alemagna 6.  Entry is free from 09.30 to 21.00 each day.