Milan cinema open for parents and babies

Dads, grannies and nannies also welcome.

Nursing and expectant mums, as well as dads, grandparents and nannies on toddler duty are all welcome in Milan’s Cinemamma, opening from Wednesday 17 February with soft lighting, quieter soundtrack and a feeding and changing area for tiny cinemagoers.

For the third season, Milan’s Anteo cinema is offering a chance for parents with movie withdrawal symptoms to get a film fix for just €4 every second Wednesdays, at present up to 27 April, with screenings starting at 11.00. And the movies are chosen by customer votes.

Strollers can be brought into the hall, or wheeled into a nursery area with a reserved breastfeeding section, changing tables, detergent wipes, and bottle sterilisers and warmers. A leading brand of baby and mum products has made complimentary samples available. There’s also a play area for the slightly older kids.

At present, Peter Bogdanovich’s She’s Funny That Way (in the Italian dubbed version, Tutto Può Accadere a Broadway) seems to have scored the most votes for 17 February, unless a last-minute rush of votes tips the scales.

The cinema opens at 10.00, and at 10.30 there’s a brief announcement with news of initiatives in Milan for parents and toddlers. The film starts at 11.00, and the box office closes at 11.15.

You can check out the future programming or even take part in the voting on the Cinemamma website. The Anteo cinema is in Via Milazzo 9, just off Viale Francesco Crispi.