Milan city hall combats heat wave

Milan social services on pre-alert.

As the temporary respite from this summer’s first heat wave fades and temperatures are forecast to move back into the 30s in coming days, Milan’s social services are preparing to help the elderly and other “socially fragile” residents.

City hall reminds residents that the free “green” number 800 777 888 is staffed Mondays to Saturdays from 08.00 to 19.00 to provide information and field calls for help.

Social services are available all week long, including Saturdays and Sundays if booked in advance, for meals on wheels, house cleaning, personal hygiene, shopping or delivery of medicines, accompanying patients to medical visits, or just providing company for the lonely.

Around 30 old folks’ centres and the city residential care homes in metropolitan Milan welcome senior citizens on air-conditioned premises to enjoy a respite from the heat and some cheerful company.

Many of these services are available all year round, but the demand escalates as the temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels and people staying in the city are often left without help as friends and relations leave for their vacations. The city’s social affairs staff is preparing for a boost in demand.

Up to 28 July these services will be provided by the local social professionals in the city’s nine municipi. From 29 July to 4 September a central operational unit will coordinate all requests across Milan.

Assistance for the elderly and disabled is provided by Milan’s ATS, or Agency for Health Care, which groups 9 accredited organisations for home care, 12 non-profit voluntary associations and seven teams from Milano Ristorazione, the city-owned provider of school lunches, to produce and deliver meals to homes for the needy.