Milan city hall invites residents’ views for new five-year plan

Online “report card” for suggestions.

Milan city administration has invited residents to express their views and suggestions to participate in drafting the next five-year plan for local government.

As the current PGT – Piano di governo del territorio or local government plan – expires in November, Milanese and other stakeholders have an opportunity to provide their input, giving marks or grades for various aspects of the city’s administration, and pointing out what needs to be done better – or even done at all.

What are the fundamental elements necessary for Milan’s development? What services are necessary in the area where I live? What could be done to improve the liveability of my neighbourhood? What are the most important rules for making the city “work”? City hall needs to know this and more.

The “report card” covers five major areas: attraction and inclusion in the city; urban regeneration and recovery of real estate; resilience and adaption to change; quality of public spaces and services for relaunching the suburbs; and simplification and residents’ participation in local government.

Each section proposes a number of specific points to be judged on a scale from 1 to 4. But there is also ample opportunity to make free-form comments on other aspects not covered by the set questions, and even to propose new issues.

City hall assures participants that their answers will remain totally anonymous. They will be given to the committee tasked with evaluating the success of the current PGT and with drafting the new, updated version.

The questionnaire – all in Italian, of course – has to be filled in online on the city administration website by Friday 14 April.