Milan city hall offers help with rent for newly-weds

Contribution of €1,200 to rent obligations.

The city of Milan is offering a €1,200 one-off contribution to rent charges for newly-weds in economic difficulty.

Applicants should be under 40 years old, resident in Milan for at least a year, and with an ISEE rating (the official certificate of the economic situation of a household) of under €20,000.

The ranking in the application list will take into account the number of children in the household, as well as the presence of disabled family members.

This marks an extension of the offer introduced in 2015, when the ISEE rating required was only €10,000. A fund of €400,000 has been ring-fenced to finance the operation.

The application can be made in any of the city’s nine municipi (previously known as zones), until Friday 27 May. Full details of the conditions for acceptance by city hall are available (in Italian) on the city hall website.