Milan court sentences two jihadists

Court hands down six years for planning attacks.

Milan Assize Court has sentenced two “fanatic and dangerous” plotters to six years each for planning to attack the NATO base at Ghedi, near Brescia.

Material found in the possession of Lassaad Briki, a Tunisian (photo left), and Muhammad Waqas from Pakistan showed they were considering Milan’s Duomo and Expo Milano 2015 as further possible targets.

They were also accused of attempting to recruit others and of preparing to travel to the Middle East to undergo training with the so-called Islamic State.

The two were arrested in Brescia last July. Investigators described them as particularly dangerous because they were perfectly integrated into Italian society, living in Italy with their families, regularly registered as residents and holding normal jobs. They communicated with each other in Italian.

Briki and Waqas were “studying” for their career as terrorists with an on-line manual called How to Survive in the West, containing information on how to remain invisible and “as Western as possible”, how to progress from “keyboard terrorism” to real action, and how to make bombs, both remote controlled and car-bombs.

On completing their prison sentence, both men were sentenced to be deported.