Milan demo against immigrants planned

Response to last week’s march.

Exactly one week after a pro-immigrant march attracted thousands in Milan, a counter demonstration is planned for 27 May to protest “the invasion of false refugees”.

Starting at 15.30 in Milan’s Piazza della Repubblica, the protest is seen as a reply to the expressions of solidarity which marked the “Milan without walls” event, reportedly attended by an estimated 100,000 participants.

The new demo – headline “No Invasion” – has been organised by a group called “Safe Milan” which insists it has no roots in political parties. The organizers state they plan to bring onto the streets “all those who oppose the senseless policy of welcome for immigrants by the city administration under mayor Beppe Sala.

The organizers have invited right-wing parties and groups such as Forza Nuova, CasaPound, Fratelli d’Italia and Lega Nord to take part, but media reports suggest that the response has been cool.

The majority of migrants in Milan are trying to reach family members or work opportunities in northern Europe, but many find themselves blocked in the city and elsewhere in Italy’s northern provinces as borders are closed against them.