Milan deploys trikes for trash

Three-wheelers to reach the farthest corners.

Milan’s environmental agency AMSA has deployed a fleet of tricycle dustcarts to reach the most difficult corners of the city, in parks, traffic-free zones and pedestrian areas

The three-wheelers are pedal powered, but with an electrical booster powered by solar cells and a battery, so the dustmen (and –women) can bring a full load back for recycling.

Twelve of the new trikes, called T-riciclo, were presented to the public in Piazza del Duomo recently, with mayor Beppe Sala posing for a shot at the wheel – sorry, handlebars.

Milan was the first European city to reach 50 per cent of trash recycled, pointed out AMSA operations chief Mauro De Cillis, adding that over 100 employees across the city were equipped with tablets connected with the control room. They can monitor the position of AMSA vehicles, including the Triciclos, in real time, and deploy them where there is an urgent need for cleaning.

The name “T-riciclo” itself is a clever pun to keep environmentally sustainable trash collection in people’s minds. Triciclo means “tricycle”, while riciclo means “recycling”. And if the name of the new vehicles is pronounced ti riciclo, it means “I’ll recycle you”.