Milan dog park reopens thanks to donations

Citizens contributed over €22,000.

The dog (and cat) park in Milan’s Forlanini neighbourhood is now open and operative again, thanks to over €22,000 raised by private supporters to repair the damage caused by flooding, when the Lambro broke its banks in November 2014.

Opened in July 2008, the Parco Canile e Gattile offers a 36,500 sqm. area of parkland, fitted out with pens for boarding and for hosting rescued strays. Medical staff from the local ASL is available seven days a week for the treatment of injured or sick animals. The welcome centre for visitors encourages adoption of strays and provides advice on choosing a pet.

Volunteers take dogs for daily walks in the park, while cats can enjoy company, games, toys or just chilling out in their courtyard. The nine pavilions of the centre can host up to 300 dogs and 200 cats.

Trained specialist vets help recover the zest for life of strays who might have suffered physical or mental trauma after being abandoned or injured.

The centre is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, from 13.00 to 17.00. Bus line 38 stops close by on Via Aquila.

Among the material bought by city hall with the donations are an operating table, medicine storage cabinets, mobility and agility training equipment for dogs, outfitting for the feline area, netting to provide shade in summer, a water pump and furniture for the welcome centre and offices.

City hall has warned that false “fund-raisers” have been reported soliciting for cash payments in aid of the centre. Nobody, including staff at the centre or elsewhere, is authorised to accept cash donations. The centre welcomes support from citizens, and advises the public to donate via bank draft to “Comune di Milano - Parco Canile Rifugio" using the IBAN code IT43J0306901783100000000067.