Milan doubles its smart bins for electronic waste

3,344 tons of RAEE waste in 2018.

The dumpsters for collecting small electrical items in waste – the category known as RAEE – installed in Milan in September have proved so popular that city hall has doubled the number on the streets.

Already one of Europe’s most virtuous cities for waste management, Milan now has eight of these collection points. The concept is to bring them close to the users, eliminating the need to cross town to dispose of the valuable broken small domestic and electronic devices during specific working hours.

Installed experimentally four months ago, the “smart” bins, which automatically call up the collection truck once they are full, have proved immensely popular with residents, said city councillor Marco Granelli.  Some 2,800 users deposited over 2 tons of these waste items in the bins during the experiment.

Last year, he stated, Milan’s waste management authority AMSA collected 3,344 tons of electric and electronic waste, of which almost a half was made up of small domestic appliances.  About 90 per cent by weight of these items can be recycled, an important contribution to the city’s impressive score of 60 per cent for waste recycling.

The four new “eco-isole” bins have been set up outside the local borough offices of Municipio 6 in Via Legioni Romane, Municipio 7 in Via Anselmo da Baggio, Municipio 8 in Via Quarenghi 21 and Municipio 9 in Viale Guerzoni. These join the four already installed in Municipi 2, 3, 4 and 5.