Milan drivers cop Italy’s most fines

Undisciplined drivers or zealous cops?

Milan is the Italian city making most income from traffic fines, states leading motoring magazine Quattroruote (“Four Wheels”).

Milanesi paid a mean per resident of €117 during 2016, for a total of €157 million. The magazine analysed the official statistics published by the public administration information system this week, but their analysis did not explain whether the city’s drivers are more undisciplined than those in other cities, of whether the “ghisa” traffic cops are simply more zealous.

The figure however shows a drop of almost 22 per cent over the 2015 city income, and the author muses whether this is why city hall has decreed a boost to the number of the dreaded autovelox speed radar points on Milan’s roads.

At the moment, there are 14 fixed, unstaffed speed traps in Milan. These allow a 5 kmh tolerance before snapping the unwanted selfie. Above that level, there are fixed punishments according to the excessive speed recorded. Up to 10 kph too fast, there is merely a fine, but after that credit points are detracted from the driver’s licence. For those who drive 40 kph too fast, the licence can also be suspended, while anybody caught driving 60 kph too fast more than once in a two-year period, the licence can be revoked.

Excessive speed, of course, is not the only undisciplined behaviour to be fined: double-parking is another top “favourite”; using a phone or driving without fastening the seat-belt are also frequent misdemeanours. All in all, the total number of traffic violations fined in Milan during 2016 reached 3,635,790.

After Milan, there is a substantial gap until the next city on the list: Turin, with a 2016 income of €47 million. Then come Florence (€35 m) and Bologna (€34 m), followed by Rome with €31 million – down a catastrophic 78 per cent on 2015, despite having been in first place a mere three years ago.