Milan gears up for BookCity festival

15-18 Nov. 7th edition of BookCity Milano

Over 1,300 free events in some 250 locations around the city, from the central Sforza castle to the outer suburbs, will pack the four days of BookCity Milano’s seventh edition, starting on 15 November.

Prize-winning English author and musician Jonathan Coe will inaugurate the festival, and will receive the seal of the city from mayor Beppe Sala in the Teatro del Verme at 20.30.

A programme of meetings and readings, presentations and more will lead book-lovers to the closing event hosted by anglophile journalist and author Beppe Severgnini, who on 18 November in the Teatro Parenti will offer an ironic and sentimental journey through the world of journalism.

Other highlights of the week will be the twinning of Milan with Dublin, and the “Tour of Milan in 90/91 minutes” with readings and story-telling on board an ATM trolleybus on line 91. German psychiatrist and author Manfred Spitzer will discuss the social impact of digital publishing and the dangers of dependency.

A special section will be dedicated to schools and students, with events for age-groups ranging from 3-to 5-year olds right up to 16- to 18-year-olds.