Milan hikes street parking fees

But ATM park and ride subscriptions unchanged.

Parking on Milan’s streets will cost up to 50 per cent more from this week, with the new tariffs coming into force at first in the central Cerchia dei Bastioni area and later to roll out across the town, city hall has announced.

The cost for the blue painted stalls is now up from €2 to €3 for the first two hours and from €3 to €4.50 for each successive hour from 08.00 to 19.00, seven days a week. For evening parking from 19.00 to 24.00, the rate has increased from €2 to €3 for the first two hours, and remains free from then on.

City-centre monthly passes for the 08.00 to 15.00 slot are up from €70 to €80 per month and from €700 to €800 per year. The same tariffs will also apply to the 14.00 to 24.00 period. All-day passes increase from €120 to €140 for a month, or from €1,300 to €1,400 per year.

By the summer, all of the city’s 83,000 street parking slots will be updated to the new prices.

Virtuous drivers using a park and ride subscription with public transport authority ATM will see their pass costing the same as previously, priced according to the metro or bus line used.