Milan hikes transport prices

Monthly and annual season ticket prices on Milan's public transport network have gone up, but mobility authority ATM says it can hold the price of a single ticket unchanged - for now.

In the first increase in over ten years, monthly tickets have gone up from €30 to €35, while annual tickets now cost €330 rather than €300 as previously. But ATM says that it can hold a single ticket at €1.50 as long as the state and regional contributions are not cut. If that should happen, it says, the price for a single ride will have to go up to €1.70.

ATM and Milan city hall point out that these prices still offer the best value for money in public tansport in Italy, and are competitive with most systems in Europe. Out of 11 major cities around the continent, none offers a cheaper annual subscription, and only one a monthly season ticket at the same price.

In Italy, Milan's underground metro lines and surface transport covers more distance per resident than any other city.

ATM offers a series of special cheap rates to sweeten the pill. Apart from the over 4,000 free annual tickets for jobseekers, there are also cut rates for passengers under 26 or over 60.

For senior citizens, the income groups qualifying for the rebates have been increased from one to three.