Milan hosts 3rd Pixel Picnic

7 May. A kilometre of picnics.

For the third successive year, Milan’s central Parco Sempione will host a mega-picnic, open free to all, starting at 12.00 on 7 May from the Alberto Burri theatre in the centre of the park.

Following the lead of last year’s 4,000-plus participants, the plan is to create a “tablecloth” at least a kilometre long, in which picnicking supporters will each be one pixel in a colourful display of outdoor food and fun.

Guests are advised to bring their own food (although there will also be food stands available in the park) and a cushion and/or a towel to sit on. Dogs will be welcome, but should be on a leash.

The afternoon will offer free fun and activities for everyone. Among the events planned, a magic urban garden workshop for creating drawings and collages, a team race to chase the ghosts of the park, “biological fireworks” by teams with coloured handkerchiefs or dish-towels, carpentry lessons for kids with safe tools, and “bubble football” with players enclosed in huge, gummy bubbles.