Milan hosts Expo of Ideas

Drawing up the Milan Charter

Saturday 7 February will see 500 experts, a number of government ministers led by premier Matteo Renzi, business people, industrialists and union leaders gather around 42 thematic tables to lay the foundations for the Milan Charter, to be signed at the end of this summer’s Expo 2015.

Welcomed by video messages from Pope Francis and former president of Brazil, Luiz Lula Da Silva, participants will concentrate on four aspects of world nutrition: the dimensions of development between equity and sustainability; the culture of food as energy for living together; nutrition and health for a sustainable future; and the human city – possible futures between smart city and slow city.

The object of the workshops is to draw up the first draft of the Milan Charter, an act of commitment which for the first time will bring together citizens, institutions, companies, associations, academics and international organisations – a legacy of Expo 2015 to be presented on the closure of the exposition to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

Other participants will include anti-corruption commissioner Raffaele Cantone, Italian Olympic committee chair Giovanni Malagò, FAO director-general José Graziano da Silva, president of the World Farmers Association Evelyn Nguleka, as well as the commissioners of the 140 countries taking part in Expo.

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