Milan immigrants help clean the city

70 tons of dead leaves collected.

Refugees and asylum seekers in Milan have joined other volunteers to help clear up Milan, and last weekend swept up nearly 70 tons of dead leaves in front of the city’s central Castello Sforzesco.

Over a hundred immigrants accepted the suggestion made by the various structures offering them housing and support to clean streets and parks and move furniture into a new old folks’ home.

Organised by city hall, the programme plans a further 10 Sundays of volunteer social activity up to the end of the year, including cleaning up more parks, removing graffiti from council housing and helping renovation of other senior citizens’ centres.

Sunday 23 October will see them cleaning the Testori Park and Piazza Firenze, as well as removing graffiti in Quarto Oggiaro. The following weekend will be dedicated to mending fencing and benches in Monte Stella and the Villa Scheibler park.

On 13 November they will take part in the city’s popular “cleaning day”, when squads of residents turn out to spruce up the whole city.

City councillor Pierfrancesco Maran said the immigrants “joined in with a will to take care of the city which has been hosting them for months and where they are beginning to build their own future.”