Milan installs new rapid-charge points for electric cars.

Milan now Italy's city with most rapid-charge points.

Car-importer Nissan has gifted 12 new public rapid-charge points for electric cars around the city, adding to the existing 32 normal charge points. Milan becomes the lead city in Italy; only ten rapid-charge points are installed across the rest of the country.

City hall says the plan is to install them in time for the Champions League final on 28 May, when a peak in the demand for hire cars is anticipated.

The new rapid-charge model can top up 80 percent of an electric car’s batteries in just 30 minutes. This is considerably faster than the existing points managed by A2A, Milan’s supplier of electricity and gas.

The public-private cooperation project, at zero cost to the city, is an welcome new tool in the fight against air pollution. And electric powered cars are not affected by traffic blocks when pollution brings the city to a halt, but may circulate freely.

The future of big cities is zero impact,” says councillor Pierfrancesco Maran. “In the past three or four years Milan beaten the challenge of sharing mobility; now in the coming five years the city will become a test-bed for electric mobility.

On the A2A website there is an interactive map for finding the nearest charge point. Drivers can also download a mobile app, to find the nearest point while on the road.