Milan Italy’s top city for tourism

Milan ahead of Rome, Venice and Florence.

Milan topped the Italian league table for tourist visits in 2017, according to a survey published by leading credit card agency Mastercard.

Coming in at fifth place for tourist destinations in Europe, Milan scores 15th place around the world, according to the company’s Global Destination Cities Index #GDCI18, published this week.

Unsurprisingly, London and Paris take the top two places in Europe, after which Turkey scores twice with Istanbul and Ankara. Immediately next comes Milan, followed in eighth place by Rome and at tenth by Venice.

Milan represents real excellence in the global rating, states MasterCard’s report. It’s the only Italian city in the world’s top 20, with over 8.8m visitors in 2017 and a forecast increase for 2018 estimated at 4.36 per cent. Visitors to Milan spent $3.16bn – an average of $134 daily.

International visitors to Milan came mainly for pleasure, at 70 per cent, with only 30 per cent coming for business trips.

The main expense recorded by international tourists to Milan was for overnight accommodation (34 per cent), followed by food and drinks (22), local transport (12) and local services (5.3 per cent).

Milan’s most assiduous visitors were Germans at 18.4 per cent, French (7.5) and Brits (7.2 per cent). This contrasts with Rome, where 17.7 per cent of tourists were Americans, followed by Brits at 8.4 per cent and a rapidly increasing number of Chinese at 8.1 per cent.

While Milan’s visitor numbers were well over those of Rome’s 7.17m, visitor spending in the capital was the highest in Italy at $155 a day.

At 10th place in Europe, Venice scored just over 7m visitors, mainly Austrians and Germans, spending only $121 daily.  On the other hand, Venice recorded the longest average tourists stays in Italy, at 3.8 days.