Milan Italy’s top “shopping tourism” destination

Shopping tourists spend €121 a day in Milan.

Milan is Italy’s leading city for “shopping tourists” – those whose main reason to travel is to shop – well ahead of Rome, Florence, Venice or Turin.

A survey carried out over the summer by Risposte Turismo, a Venice-based network of consultants specialising in the tourism industry, found that over 15 per cent of tourists, both Italian and foreign, visiting Milan chose the city mainly for its shopping opportunities.

Interviews carried out in these five cities also revealed that Milan is considered a leader in world ranking when it comes to shopping, cited by 20 per cent of respondents well ahead of New York City (17), Paris (16) and London (14 per cent).

The tourists interviewed spent an average of €121 per day on shopping alone, not counting their other expenses like travel, eating and accommodation.  A projection based on 2016 tourism statistics suggests that this type of tourism brings €610 million annually to Milan, ahead of €422m to Rome, €281m to Florence, €230m to Venice and €67m to Turin.

The concept of research into this specific branch of tourism came from the Spanish Plan de Turismo de Compras, supported by the government with a view to stimulating the economy. The around 25 “outlet villages” now operating across Italy also inspired Risposte Turismo to take a closer look at the sector.