Milan joins in 5th FAI Marathon

13 Oct: Visit places seldom open to the public.

Sunday 13 October will see the youth group of Italy’s FAI, Italian Environmental Fund, propose guided tours to hundreds of palaces, churches, castles, courtyards, monuments and examples of urban renewal in 150 villages, towns and cities across the country, dozens of them in Milan and the city’s immediate surroundings.

In Milan itself, for example, visitors will be welcomed to the Villa Necchi Campiglio near Via Mozart, or to a tour of the Fiera Milano area with a talk on its remarkable urbanistic and architectural transformation. The so-called CityLife district is renowned for the 207 metre-high Isozaki Tower, the Hadid Tower, designed by the Iraqi architect, that is like a sail shaken by the wind, and the Libeskind Tower, conceived as part of a sphere surrounding the square. Outside the city, another 76 treasures will be staffed across the Lombardy region.

Many of the places are normally closed to the public, while others are so little known that an unprepared tourist might never find them. Some 3,500 FAI volunteers will be on hand to explain the details and significance of the treasures on view.

A dedicated website lists all the locations, with opening times and maps, searchable by town or province, making it easy to plan a comfortable stroll in the city or a day-trip to a nearby treasure.

There will be no fixed entry fee, but a free donation to FAI will be requested to help the organisation in its over 40 years of work to save endangered treasures of the Italian patrimony of art and nature. A very few locations will be open only to FAI members, but non-members can sign up on the spot as supporters.