Milan launches “first ever” social services website

300 services from 57 authorities.

Milan city hall has launched, claimed to be the first social services website in Italy, providing access to dozens of organisations with qualified personnel and accredited with the municipality.

From traditional welfare services to psychophysical wellbeing, from minor maintenance to full-scale emergencies when something in the house breaks down, residents can soon request help ranging from simple information to an emergency intervention.

Among the services already covered by the new weMI website are carers for the elderly, baby-sitters (including shared), meals on wheels, health and social workers, smiths, cellar clearance, sun-blind maintenance, window repairs, washing and ironing, tailors, catering and shopping, and pet and flower-sitting.

For now, the site covers the traditional measures already provided free by city hall to the elderly, the economically needy and the disabled. Soon weMI will bring access to a wider range of services, both those partly financed by the municipality and also to fully paid services with a guarantee of prices established when the service provider is accredited. Other companies and even volunteer workers can apply to the management for inclusion.

The weMI website is divided into four main areas: support for families such as education counselling, baby-sitting, summer camps, music therapy and related areas. Personal wellbeing includes meals, transport and accompanying, night-time emergencies and more. Under domestic activities users can find house cleaning, laundry and ironing and similar services. And the social and sharing area includes carers, pet-sitting, shopping with home delivery and collection of medicines from pharmacies.

Until the website is fully operational, two temporary citizens’ advice bureaux have been set up in Via Capuana 3 a Quarto Oggiaro and in Corso San Gottardo 41, to work alongside the existing CuraMi office in Via Trivulzio 15.