Milan launches “Share ‘n’ Go” electric minicar sharing

Free for women at night.

A new car-sharing scheme launches in Milan on 15 June with 100 electrically propelled, two-seater minicars which can be left after use anywhere in the city.

With a range of about 100 km and a speed of up to 80 kmh, the cars do not need to be brought back to a recharging column: the car will stop when the charge is down to about 20 per cent, and a technician from Equomobili will pick it up and bring it in for recharging.

Cars are equipped with satellite navigators and air conditioning, servo steering and brakes, as well as parking sensors.

The cost will be between €0.14 and €0.28 per minute, on a sliding scale depending on the user’s profile: different lifestyles will win “merit points” which lower the price. Mothers, commuters, fuorisede students with residence elsewhere but studying in Milan and people resident far from public transport will be among users with the highest points. And between 01.00 and 06.00, women will be able to use the cars free of charge.

Points will also be awarded to public utility workers, users who sell off their private cars, people in co-working jobs and those willing to wash and clean the car, all of which bring discounts in the charges.

Interested users can already sign up on the website, and registering before 15 June, with a minimum subscription of €10, will be rewarded with 500 minutes of free use on their account.

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