Milan launches “smart” bins for electronic waste.

Another step forward for Milan’s waste management.

Milan is rolling out the distribution across the city of “smart” rubbish dumpsters for outdated or broken electrical and electronic equipment.

The “Eco-isole” bins will mean residents no longer have to take RAEE items, as this kind of waste is known, to the municipal dumps during their opening hours.

The dumpsters, roughly the same size as the traditional cassonetti for waste but coloured white, will accept energy-saving light bulbs, neon tubes, old battery chargers, irons, hair-dryers, transistor radios, mobile phones, remote TV controls and other broken small domestic appliances and electronic devices.

Users can swipe their tessera sanitaria or Regional Services Card and select the category of waste, and the appropriate hatch will open automatically.

The “smart” dumpsters will automatically send a signal to city waste management authority AMSA when they are full.

The first four have already been deployed in Municipio 2 in Viale Zara 100, Municipio 3 at the library in Via Valvassori Peroni 56, Municipio 4 in Via Oglio 18 and Municipio 5 in Viale Tibaldi 41.  More will be rolled out in coming months.

Milanesi are very virtuous at respecting differentiated waste disposal, says city councillor Marco Granelli. So this is a welcome simplification of collecting this precious kind of refuse with a high environmental impact.