Milan launches “Tourist Angels” initiative

Free information on the Milan streets.

As tourist presence in Milan topped the two-million mark in the first four months of this year, city hall and hoteliers associations have launched a programme to provide information on the city streets.

Starting in the Milano Centrale station area and popular zones like Piazza Lima and Porta Venezia, Tourist Angels working in pairs will be ready to answer questions and give directions to business and holidaying visitors to the city, from 14.00 to 22.00.

After a first experimental 30-day period, the plan is to roll out the service to cover all central areas with high frequency of visitors, and to provide the service all through the year.

The scheme has been promoted by the City Angels, the volunteer association providing help to the homeless on Milan’s streets and support to the local authorities during special events.

The municipality is well aware of the need to meet visitors’ needs even before being asked for help: of the 29,000 extra workers being taken on over the summer in Lombardy by the tourist industry – hotels, restaurants and entertainment – one third of that number will be employed by Milan alone.