Milan lawyers offer free advice centres

Milan's free guide to legal problems.

Milan’s Ordine degli Avvocati (Professional Order of Advocates), in cooperation with city hall, has launched a website to explain and give information about a series of free advice centres providing guidance and solutions on a wide range of legal issues.

From gender violence to cyber crime, from legal aid to in-jail support, residents can now explore the network and make appointments for free consultation on how best to proceed to resolve their brush with the law.

Under the title Avvocati per Milano the initiative is committed to the defence of civil rights, with the support of local and regional institutions. According to the website “Lawyers are citizens with a special task: helping their neighbour to exercise their right to justice – just, timely, capillary and ethical justice.” Some 160 lawyers are taking part in the scheme.

A citizens’ advice bureau – the first of its kind in Italy – is also now open on weekday mornings in Milan’s law courts, with expert advice what alternatives are available before starting a court case, on how to start a lawsuit, on timing and costs involved and on applications for state legal aid. It also provides updated lists of lawyers active in various areas of law.

Free legal advice centres are also available to prisoners in S. Vittore, Bollate and Opera jails.

The Ordine degli Avvocati also organises discussions in local schools on bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, road crime, vandalism and football-ground violence, and invites schools to apply for a discussion event on these or other legal aspects.

For more details see the website of Avvocati per Milano website.