Milan leads on hosting US businesses

Over half of those in Italy are in Lombardy.

"More than half of the businesses in Italy controlled by American companies, 1142 out of 2147, are headquartered in Lombardy,” says deputy regional president Fabrizio Sala.

“This shows that American entrepreneurs see Lombardy as a privileged location and a particularly attractive place to invest and develop their business.”

Even more eloquent is the figure for Milan, by far the favourite investment area for Americans: the number of US-based companies in the city is 947, almost the same as the sum of all the other Italian regions, 1032.

Sala was commenting the latest study by Lombardia Speciale, the regional government’s project for collecting and diffusing data on the region’s social, economic, territorial and institutional development.

"These figures, read together with the Lombard exports to the US worth €3.8 billion euro, or 20 per cent of the national total,” Sala continued, “testify to the strong and consolidated ties between Lombardy and the United States.”

Sala said the result was the fruit of Lombardy’s development policies of competitiveness, enterprise networks and measures for internationalization.

And in April, he announced, the region will send a mission to California, to introduce Lombard excellence to Silicon Valley.