Milan Malpensa airport gets new train station

146 trains between Malpensa and Milan centre every day.

Malpensa, Milan’s main airport, will boast a new train station in Terminal 2 from Sunday 11 December, eliminating the need for passengers to transfer to the airport shuttle from the existing rail-head in Terminal 1.

The price of the ticket from Malpensa to Milan Central railway station for the extra six minutes between the two terminal stations remains €13. The transit will be faster than the current shuttle, which takes 15 minutes between terminals.

Malpensa’s Terminal 2 is at present used exclusively by low-cost airline easyJet.

Regional transport company Trenord’s Malpensa Express, which already runs from Milano Centrale via Porta Garibaldi and from Cadorna to Terminal 1, will add the new stretch from Sunday, bringing the total journey time from the central station to 57 minutes, or from Cadorna to 43 minutes.

Trains connecting the airport with Luino and Bellinzona will also transit through Terminal 1 to the new station at Terminal 2.

Malpensa Express operates from dawn until past midnight, with four trains in each direction every hour. Trenord states that the service carries 2.2 million passengers per year, and that passenger surveys have reported 92 per cent satisfaction.