Milan-Meda highway bridge “in no danger”

Following reports that the bridge “needed maintenance”.

Triggered by the catastrophic collapse of a major motorway bridge in Genoa this week, media reports had suggested that bridges in Milan’s hinterland – in particular the bridge over the SP35 Milan-Meda highway – might be subject to dangerous fatigue.

Monza province president Roberto Invernizzi hastened to reassure motorists: “[Our] bridges remain open. From the constant checks we carry out, there are no critical points to have us close them.

“They are old constructions,” Invernizzi admitted, “but they are being constantly monitored and verified with scientific research to determine what weights and volume of traffic they can handle.”

Headlined “Enough with unjustified alarms”, Monza province administration issued a statement saying “media reports were not updated to cover recent inspection campaigns, starting in summer 2017 and still ongoing, with particular reference to the four bridges mentioned.”

Articles in local media had questioned the condition of the Milan-Meda bridge in the regional capital’s northern quadrant. Also mentioned were the bridge on Via Maestri del Lavoro in Bovisio, used only by agricultural traffic and already closed for a year and a half; the Binzago bridge in Cesano Maderno, already repaired in August 2017 and now limited to 3.5 tons maximum weight (although inspections indicated it could support greater weights); and the bridge at the Meda turn-off, which had been inspected regularly in recent months, according to the statement.

“Let it be clear,” concluded Invernizzi, “that the province and all its departments have long been active to guarantee security for users of all the roads in its remit, and in particular of the SP35 Milano-Meda highway.”