Milan moots guards on night bus 90/91

Milan plans more security on night buses to stop theft and aggression.

Milan's transport authority ATM is considering a plan to present to law enforcement authorities for improved security on night buses.

The security plan will involve a constant presence of ATM guards on board the buses, in direct contact with police or Carabinieri units able to intervene immediately when alerted.

Frequent episodes of pick-pocketing, aggression, drunken disorder and fare-dodging have recently marred the convenience of having a 24-hour service for night workers or citizens heading home after an evening out.

The problem was recently brought to light by a report on Canale 5’s popular show Striscia la Notizia (The News Slot), when reporters with hidden cameras filmed a night of horror on board the bus lines 90 and 91.  Drunken louts were seen throwing up, smoking and stealing mobile phones, while regular travellers waiting at the bus stop warned the TV crew to watch their property “because this happens every night.”

Other incidents have involved a female passenger being rescued recently from sexual harassment by another passenger, who attacked her physically when she objected to his groping.  There have also been incidents when bus drivers have been assaulted and injured if they refused to carry drunken or violent passengers.