Milan museums open free on Sunday

But G7 health ministers' meeting in Milan will cause delays.

Milan’s civic museums will as usual adhere to the “Sunday in the museums” initiative and open free to all visitors on Sunday 5 November, the first Sunday of the month.

However, the G7 summit of health ministers, taking place on Sunday and Monday in Milan, will trigger some extra security measures which will delay entry to exhibits in the Palazzo Reale, as part of the building is being used for the conference.

Metal detectors will be installed to check visitors, and access will be by the Piazzetta Reale door only. Visitors will leave the palace by the Via Pecorari door.  Priority will be given to visitors who have pre-booked.

These security checks will also be installed in the museum of Milan’s iconic Duomo, or cathedral. But the neighbouring Museo del Novecento will not be affected.

The royal palace is currently hosting exhibitions of works of Caravaggio, Toulouse-Lautrec and Salvatore Sciarrino.