Milan NGO seeks summer volunteers

Daily Bread” for those in need.

Milanese volunteer organisation Pane Quotidiano (Daily Bread) is seeking volunteers to help out over the summer vacation period.

Pane Quotidiano was founded in Milan in 1898. It is a lay organisation with no political affiliation and totally non profit, with the primary aim of providing the most needy with free food. It carries out this mission with the help of volunteer staff and of companies which donate food or funds. It also cooperates in humanitarian projects with other NGOs, such as City Angels, Società Umanitaria, Cuochi senza Barriere and Aldai - Associazione Lombardia Dirigenti Aziende Industriali.

“Brother, sister, nobody here will ask you who you are, why you need help, what are your views,” runs the association’s motto. In 2015 they distributed over 800,000 free rations.

Now Pane Quotidiano is seeking volunteers to help staff a twice-weekly session from 08.00 to 12.00 at their centres in Viale Toscana or Viale Monza.

Carrying out their mission, the association says, is getting more difficult because the economic crisis in Italy has primarily affected the middle classes. This has created a new category of needy in addition to those already in critical situations: lonely elderly people, families with children to support, the unemployed, those separated or divorced.

This makes the queue longer every morning at the NGO’s two centres in Milan.

Anybody willing to help out over the summer is invited to contact the association by email, providing their contact details and telephone number.

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