Milan offers 14,000 theatre tickets free

“Milano per lo spettacolo” is again offering free tickets to shows in the city’s theatres, this year aiming the initiative particularly at youngsters and the “second generation” – those born in Italy of immigrant parents.

The plays in the scheme have more than doubled over last year – 58 compared with 24 – for a total of over 14,000 seats.

The initiative involves the theatres affiliated to city hall, as well as the Piccolo and two other private houses, 30 halls in all.

This is the 16th edition of “Milano per lo Spettacolo”, which aims to attract those who have never been to the theatre or who go only rarely. The programme covers different types of show, different languages and different forms of invention and originality, from classical works in traditional format to classics transformed into modern form, political and works of current importance, the jauntiest comedy, from sacred and inspirational to pure invention and visionary poetry.

The full programme is available on this page. Theatregoers can request only up to two tickets for each show, for up to two shows. Those up to age 35 can obtain them from Informagiovani in Via Dogana 2 from 15.00 to 18.00, and those over 35 from the Info point of the city’s cultural affairs department at C.A.M. Gabelle in Via San Marco 45, mornings from 09.00 and afternoons from 15.00, as long as tickets are available.

The number of free seats available will vary according to the size of the theatre. “I don’t think there is another city in Italy, and perhaps in the world, offering its citizens such a rich program of shows all produced locally, and all upon invitation,” said councillor Filippo Del Corno, presenting the programme. He added, it’s a ”highly articulated and high quality ‘season in the seasons’ that aims at raising the audiences of tomorrow.”

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