Milan offers best quality of life

Milan in first place out of Italy’s 107 provinces according to Il Sole 24 Ore

For the first time, the province of Milan has taken first place in the annual survey of quality of life published by leading business daily Il Sole-24 Ore.

In the 29th edition of the authoritative daily’s survey, Milan province scores in one of the top three places in seven of the 42 indicators studied to compile the rankings.

The 42 indicators are grouped into six areas: affluence and consumerism, business and work, environment and services, justice and security, demographics and society, and justice and security.

Milan takes first place in the individual indicators calculated for bank deposits per head of population and average family consumption of durable goods. The province also scores top in the iCity rating for smart cities, and in second place for mean sale price of real estate.

But all is not so positive: Milan lies in third place for employment level among 15- to 64-year-olds, and ranks last in the cost of rent.  Milan is also among Italy’s most adversarial provinces in the courts, and is second only to Naples in the level of robbery.

Commenting the result, Milan mayor Beppe Sala told media, “The good news is  the merit of the Milanese people, not mine. Obviously there are some critical issues, but we’re aware of them and work on them isn’t finished yet.  Security is an issue in all major cities.”

Milan is followed by Bolzano, up two places from last year’s result, and Aosta, down one place.

For the fourth time in 29 annual surveys, Vibo Valentia in the deep south region of Calabria lies in last place, along with many other southern provinces.

Rome is ranked 21st, up three places from last year, and Naples, too, improves its position by 13 places.